Studio Services

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The digital studio is available to use to create and record music, backing tracks and vocal tracks to high quality audio standard, and to mix that album, soundtrack or audio book using the professional tools available . Existing audio files can also be imported to build that final blend and create the perfect master of your work.

We also provide music composition services to get that right piece of music for your project, show or video. There are some examples on the music page, all performed and recorded at the studio using some of the equipment below.


Virtual Instruments

Live recording of live instruments

If you like physical keyboards and synthesisers, or want to create that unique sound in live play, available to use are a Kawai CP130 keyboard, a Korg X5DR and the latest edition the fantastic M-Audio Venom - the latest virtual analogue synthesizer. Gutars also available along with Crate and Peavey Amplifiers

All recording is done digitally using the latest version of ProTools. This Software is widely used in the industry and your recording project can be taken to a number of leading studios if you want to take it further with out losing a single note

A range of virtual synthesisers and sound engines, effects and processors are available to use

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Direct Recording

For vocal or instrument work, such as guitar, there are facilities to do direct recording

Affordable access to recording technology